LookinBody Web: InBody Cloud Data Management Software 

Security Policy (as of July 19, 2021)

The LookinBody Web service (https://usa.lookinbody.com) is a service that allows you, the user, to manage all data measured by InBody devices on the cloud using Microsoft Azure’s Web Apps. Please refer to the following table for security policies relating to this service. 


Operational Security Certification

Cloud services are hosted through Microsoft Azure.

 Biospace, Inc. dba InBody USA: SOC2 certified; ISO 27001 certification planned completion by 2021. 

InBody Co. Ltd. (S. Korea), the parent company, is entrusted with system development and operation to provide services, and currently holds an ISO 27001 certification as of 2021. 1

Payment Security

PCI DSS compliant
Automated monthly and yearly payments are processed securely through Authorize.net


Retention of Personal Information or Confidential Information

Hosted on Microsoft Azure’s HIPAA compliant server. 

The LookinBody Web service is based on Microsoft Azure's Web Apps.
Microsoft provides access management and intrusion detection systems.2

WAF, IDS, IPS Deployment 

Protected by Microsoft Azure’s IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)
 Access limited through authorized IP’s and users

Access and usage logs are automatically recorded

Authentication Method When Using LookinBody Web

ID and password are used, and the following security measures are taken:

  1. Login ID Requirement: 5-20 Alpha-Numeric characters, using lowercase letters and numbers
  2. Password Requirement: 8-14 Alpha-Numeric characters, with at least 1 upper-case and lower-case letters and numbers.
  3. Password Expiration Policy: Pop-Up notification after 3 months of setting previous password (No access restrictions are placed when password is expired)
  4. Password Entry Restrictions: Automated Captcha requirement when password is entered incorrectly more than 5 times (No limit is placed to the number of captcha input).
  5. Counter Measures against lost IDs’ and Passwords: Temporary password is provided to registered email  
  6. Additional Login Security: 2 Factor Authentication available using email

Authentication method for Downloading Personal Information

Member List Page: Personal Information Download Feature
1. Confirmation of Login Password required to access feature

Administrator Login: Export as Excel through Setup
1. Default Security: Confirmation of Login Password required to access feature
2. Additional Security can be added by creating a Master Password

Exported Excel file will have the Mobile number identification field masked for the first 6 digit


Login records can be verified using the using the Check User Log feature available through the Administrator Login in the Setup menu.


Logs will be saved by date and contain ID and IP address details

Data Protection

Database Encryption

Database is encrypted using TDE.
Password is sent using AES 256 standards.
 SSL applied for server communication with InBody devices.

Data Deletion Method 

Deletion of data stored on the LookinBody Web service will be permanently removed from the LookinBody Web Portal, however a de-identified copy of the deleted data may be kept by our system for Quality Control and Research purposes. 


HIPAA/Covered Entities: For compliance with HIPAA, user data will be retained for a period of 6 years even if the user account managing the data is deleted.

Full Data Deletion

For full data deletion:
1. Data will be deleted from the LookinBody Web service portal
2. Data will be deleted from the InBody unit directly
 3. Data saved to a user's app will not be deleted; the user shall be personally required to delete app data.


All 3 steps must be completed for full data deletion


Restricting Access to Personal Information Data

Certain members of the LookinBody team who oversee system development and operation have limited access to users’ personal information for purposes of incident management, as follows: 


  1. Onsite CCTV in use for 24-hour workstation monitoring with fingerprint recognition for workplace access control 
  2. Only authorized developers are granted direct access to the cloud servers
  3. IP Address restriction in place
  4. Dual authentication required to access cloud server management
  5. Permission and new user setup limited to top level administrator only
  6. Annual inspections performed
  7. Monthly inspections of server status and traces external intrusion performed
  8. Restrictions and Block Access policies in place upon employee termination



System Development and Operation-Side Personal Computer Management

LookinBody, LTD, which is responsible for system development and operation, manages personal computers as follows, not including the above personal information data restrictions mentioned above:

1. Keep Windows 10 Defender up to date
2. Non-use of external recording media
 3. Save work logs on Microsoft Azure storage server


Cloud Service Locations

Microsoft Azure Data center is located in the United States (West US)
 United States user personal information and measurement data remains within US-based cloud servers.

Companies implementing and Utilizing this service

The service started in May 2014 and as of July 2020 over 2000 facilities have registered for the service globally. 

1. For information on “Personal Informaiton Protection Policy” and “Personal Information We Handle”, please refer to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy our website (https://usa.lookinbody.com)

2. For more information on Microsoft Azure, please visit the Microsoft home page below: