Welcome to the LookinBody Web service!

We're excited to have you on board and look forward to helping you expand your services to all of your clients!

If you haven't created your account yet, please feel free to do so by visiting: https://inbodyusa.com/products/lookinbody-web/ (click on the Register Today button)

1. After creating your account you will be asked to login into the web portal (https://usa.lookinbody.com/)

2. Upon logging in you will be greeted with a Welcome Tutorial, please be sure to go through the steps to complete your account setup. 

Your account will initially be setup on a 60-day trial, at the end of your trial you will have the option to continue using the services by updating your subscription. The monthly subscription cost for the web service is $25/month which will include 1 Device Connection, 1 Admin Login, and up to 2 Staff Login account.

For any questions please feel free to search through our FAQ for more information, or please feel free to contact us at LBSupport@InBody.com 

Thank you again for choosing the LookinBody Web Service and we look forward to working with you and your team to create a wonderful InBody experience!