There are a couple of steps needed to complete your account setup after registering for an account. The steps are covered in the Welcome Tutorial in the LookinBody Web Service, however to make life a little simpler we've outlined the key steps below: 

Connect InBody 

You will need to connect your InBody to the internet and have it logged in into your account in order to sync results to both your web account and to the client's InBody App account. 

You should have received a welcome email with the subject line: Signing up LBWeb! Please check this email as this will contain your Device ID and Device Password which will be needed to login your unit. Please see below for a sample:

Optional Steps

Highly Recommended: 

1. Upload Member List - Pre-Register your members to the LookinBody Web system 

2. Upload Previous Data - If you have any tests that were taken prior to using our web service you will need to upload these results manually to your account to sync the data

3. Create Staff/Employee Accounts - Setup and give access to your team so that they can work with your clients directly

4. Organize Members into Groups - Groups is a powerful feature that allows you assign clients to specific groups that you can track their progress seperately