After creating your account a manual sync will need to be performed to transfer all of the test results saved on the unit to your LookinBody Web account. 

To complete this step you will need to have available the following items: 

  1. Access to your LookinBody Web Administrator Account
  2. Access to your InBody device's Administrator Menu
  3. A USB Thumbdrive

1. On the InBody Unit head into the Administrator Menu

2. Select Option 07. Export Data as Excel

3. You can select either option: 

       a. Export All - Will export all of the currently available tests saved on the unit (best for first time setup)

        b. Select - Will only export selected tests, ie. tests taken within a certain date period or tests taken under a specific ID

4. Insert the USB Thumbdrive and tap on Start

*Depending on the number of records you are exporting, the process may take several hours to complete. We recommend performing the extraction towards the end of your business day to avoid any interruptions as the unit will be unavailable during the export. 

5. After the Export has been completed log in into the web portal ( using your Administrator account

6. Click on Setup 

7. Select the option for 05. Data Importation under LookinBody Data Management

8. Click on the button for Select File

9. Locate your USB Thumbdrive on your computer, open the InBody folder, and open the LookinBody Folder

10. Select the Newcommondb file

11. Click on the Import Data button

The process should take about 15 minutes to complete. If 15 minutes have passed please exit out of this screen and head to the Member List Page to confirm that the upload has been completed.