Unsaved Results is a great tool to help ensure that clients are entering in the correct information when testing on the InBody. This guide will cover the steps on how to update any results that were marked for review and saved under the Unsaved Result list.


Step 1: Access the Unsaved List

  • Head to the Member List page
  • In the filter menu you will have the option to select how many Unsaved Results you would like to view
  • Once selected, on the Member List page, any results saved to the Unsaved Result list will be highlighted in red as shown below

Step 2: Review the Result

  • Click on the row highlighted in red
  • A new page will display, highlighting in red,  which areas are mismatched
  • Click on the Next button
You can also click on the Delete icon if the client needs to retake the test, such as when the incorrect height was used.

Step 3: Update 

  • You will have 2 options to select from, where you can save the result based on the profile information the client entered in on the unit (Unsaved Results) or based on the Member Profile information currently saved (Existing Member Information)
  • Select the option that is best suited for the situation and click on OK