The LookinBody Web service requires an active connection to the InBody unit. Results may fail to sync to the portal and app when a unit is disconnected and/or not logged in. This guide will walk you through the steps of:

  • How to verify your unit’s connection status before every test
  • and how to re connect your unit to the LookinBody Web Service.

If you have a 380/580 device, please visit this link for the updated guide:

If not, please continue below

The Cloud icon (top right corner) will change depending on the unit’s connection status:

1. Head into the Administrator Menu

2. Select option 04. Cloud Service

3. If the check mark box next to "Lookin'Body Website Account Login" is greyed out, the unit will need to be logged in again. If highlighted in red, the unit is already connected.

4. If greyed out, please click on this check box to enter in your Device ID and Device Password, provided to you in the welcome email when you first registered your account. 

This is your Admin ID with separate Device Password
Do not use your Web Portal password
Do not use your Staff ID
It cannot be reset by your team

This 14-character password was generated by the LookinBody System when your account was first registered. Reference Image below

5. Once connected you should be greeted with an "Already logged in" message

Helpful Tips

  • When restarting the unit review the unit’s connection status
  • Check to see that icon is displayed before taking a test

When the InBody unit is not logged in

  • Tests taken without a mobile number will not sync
  • The InBody unit will not display the personal profile information automatically

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[Video] InBody Device Login For Cloud Service