With your standard LookinBody Web subscription you are provided with: 

  • 1 Administrator Login
  • 2 Staff Accounts
  • 1 Device Connection

You can update your subscription at any time to add additional staff accounts or InBody units

Additional Staff Accounts: $5/month per additional login account

Additional Device: $25/month per device added

To update your account: 

1. Log in into the web portal (usa.lookinbody.com) as an Administrator

2. Click on the Payment Page on the left hand navigation menu

3. In the Account Information box click on the Update button

4. Update your Business Information and click Save

5. To add additional units click on the "Add InBody Unit" button, you will need to have the unit's serial number handy

To locate your unit's serial number please refer to our guide here

6. To add Additional Staff Login Seats use the drop down menu in the "Add additional login seats" box to select the number of additional staff accounts you wish to add. 

7. Enter in your billing information

8. Review the changes to your account 

Once you have updated your account: 

For Additional Units: Please login your new InBody unit to your account by using the Device ID and Device Password that was provided to you when you first created your account. For steps on how to connect your unit, please follow our guide here.

For Additional Staff Accounts: Please head over to the Staff Management page to add new users to your account. For more information please follow our guide here.