The LookinBody Web Standard Subscription provides you with up to 2 staff accounts. If you needed to create more than 2 staff accounts, you will need to first purchase additional seats before you can create additional accounts. To purchase seats please refer to our Subscription Update Guide.

1. Head to the web portal ( and login using your Administrator Account

2. Click on the Staff Management Page in the left hand navigation menu

3. Click on the button labeled "Register New Staff"

4. Fill in the Staff Login Account Information

5. You can setup your Staff with different levels of access: 

Staff Permission Settings

  • Registration - Allow staff members to register new members
  • Edit - Allow staff members to edit registered member's profile information
  • Delete - Allow staff members to delete registered members

Staff Access Settings

  • Dashboard - Allow staff members to access the Dashboard Page
  • Message - Allow staff members to access and utilize the Message Page (Email)
  • Print - Allow staff members to Print Result Sheet(s)
  • Edit - Allow staff members to edit their account information
  • Chat - Allow staff members to utilize the Message Page (Chat)

As per the terms of service shared login accounts are not allowed and is not recommended due to security issues. Only 1 email may be used per account and concurrent logins are not possible at this time.