We made it easy to cancel your subscription to the LookinBody Web Service: 

For Trial Account:

1. If you have yet to update the Payment information for your account, you can leave your account as is. Our system will automatically expire you account at the end of the trial and no further action will be needed on your end. Please feel free to continue using the web service until the end of your trial. 

For Paying Accounts: 

1. You will need to login into the web portal (usa.lookinbody.com) as an Administrator

2. Head to the Payment Page

3. In the Subscription Information box click on the Unsubscribe button

4. You will be asked to complete a simple questionnaire

5. Click on the Submit button. 

Please give the system a couple of seconds after pressing the Submit button to process your request

6. After the account has been updated you will receive an email confirmation. 

Your account will remain active until the end of your current billing period. Please note we do not provide refunds or credits for subscriptions at this time.

7. You will have the option to continue using the web service until your subscription has ended. Either before, or on your expiration date, please log the unit out of the cloud service by heading into option 04. Cloud Service in the Administrator Menu. This step is required to prevent any other security issues.