For the purpose of large organizations seeing data across other independently managed facilities, the option for a Corporate Executive Account exists.

Normal cost breakdown for the LookinBody Web Services would include the Standard pricing below:

  •  $30/Month for LookinBody Web for each connected InBody device
  • $5/Month for each additional Staff IDs

Corporate Executive Setup will include additional costs below

  • $99/month for each Executive Admin Account IDs to view the data across all linked sites
  • $199 one-time Setup Fee (covers first 2 locations)
  • $35 one-time interlinking fee for locations 3 and beyond

When adding additional locations after the 2nd location, there is a one-time interlinking fee applied

  • $35 one-time interlinking fee for 3rd location and beyond

Note: If additional logins are needed for the Corporate Account, it will be at the $99/month rate

If you require additional details, please reach out to us at