If your Team would like to have a guide setup for your Integration clients, please reach out to us with your API parameters. This will be the items bolded under step 5. A contact email for your Support Team will also be required to get started.

This guide can then be shared with your clients to create a smooth registration process for your clients.

Below is a template of what it can look like based on our requirements and any your team may want to add.

Please reach out to us at LBsupport@inbody.com in order to provide our team additional details for your integration.


1. Do you have an LB Web account?

  • Yes, proceed to next step

Please note that the API is a paid service and an active subscription is required.

2. Submit API application form "https://lb.inbodyusa.com/api-application-af/"

3. Once approved, log into API site "https://apiusa.lookinbody.com"

4. After logging in, navigate to SETUP tab and submit API-KEY

5. Navigate to Outgoing URL and enter the information (see image below)

Service Name




6. Click the Test button and Save


7. Perform all the necessary steps from xxxx and xxxx