1. Do you have an LB Web account?

  • Yes, proceed to next step

Please note that the API is a paid service and an active subscription is required.

2. Submit API application form ""

3. Once approved, log into API site ""

4. After logging in, navigate to 'SETUP' and follow the guided steps:

Step 1. Select 'Get a New Key' to Generate your API Key

Step 2. Please contact your Application Developer to obtain their server IP Address

Step 3. Add in your Webhook details, these can also be obtained from your Application Developer

Step 4. Select 'Sent Test' in order to confirm correct settings. Save once confirmed

If you run into any problems, please contact for assistance.


5. Login to PNOĒ and navigate to Profile > InBody

6. Input InBody API information

InBody API Key: API-KEY generated from step 4

InBody Admin Account: Login ID used to generate API-KEY


The link between the member and InBody data will still need to be synced under the members profile. For more information on this, please reach out to