There may be times where the InBody has the incorrect Date/Time when the Test Results are uploaded. The guide below will show how to update the InBody Test Results to the correct Date/Time.

Search for the affected member via the 'Member List'

Find the member(s) that have incorrect test date/times that need to be updated in the system using the search and filter system.

Navigate to 'Edit' -> 'InBody Test Date/Time'

Select them with the checkbox and navigate to the next menu.

Double click on the affected date to make changes

Update the date/times to the correct ones

Select the tests that have been updated with the checkbox, hit the 'Save' button

Select the checkbox for the updated rows and save the changes

Go ahead and view the Member Health Report and see if the changes have been updated.

Should there be any issues, please contact us via email at or by phone at 323.932.6503 extension 2, prompt 2.