This applies to InBody devices manufactured in 2022 or later OR has had the firmware updated in the same timeframe

Typically if the unit gets disconnected from the internet, the unit will try to reconnect to the LookinBody Web cloud service to sync any results that were not sent. However, in certain cases where the unit is accidently logged out from the account, the results may not sync and a manual upload will need to be performed. 

If the results are available on the InBody unit but not available from the LookinBody Web account, attempt a manual sync from the unit to the account in question. 

To complete this step the following items will need to be available: 

  1. Administrative access to the account in question
  2. Access to InBody device's Administrator Menu
  3. USB Thumb drive
  4. LookinBody Web Device Credentials

1. On the InBody Unit head into the Administrator Menu

2. Select Option 07. Export Data as Excel

3. Press “0” on the keypad 5 times to enable / disable DC Mode  

  1. DC mode will be displayed if enabled, or will disappear if disabled 

4. Select either option:

a. Export All - Will export all of the currently available tests saved on the unit (best for first time setup)

b. Select - Will only export selected tests

i.e. tests taken within a certain date period or tests taken under a specific ID


5. Ensure USB thumb drive is disconnected and tap on Start

*Depending on the number of records that are being exported, the process may take several hours to complete. We recommend performing the extraction towards the end of the business day to avoid any interruptions as the unit will be unavailable during the export. 

Exported results via DC Mode sends to either LookinBody120 or LB Web depending on what is connected

Internet is required for this feature to work