We're excited to share some information on a feature available through LookinBody Web which will allow you to sync your clients' test results to the Trainerize platform. 

InBody Requirements
Trainerize Requirements
LookinBody Web-Compatible InBody Professional BIA
Paying subscription to the LookinBody Web serviceActive Trainerize account
API Feature enabled and all legal documents submittedAPI enabled on your Trainerize account
Member profile must include Mobile # in Mobile # FieldTrainerize Client profile must include matching mobile number

Getting Started

You will need to have a LookinBody Web account (which must be on a paying subscription) and a Trainerize account. 

If you do not have a LookinBody Web account, please visit: https://usa.lookinbody.com/ and click on Register.

If you do not have a Trainerize account, please visit: https://www.trainerize.com/ for more information.

Setting Up Your Trainerize Account

To connect your Trainerize account to your LookinBody Web account, you will need to enable the API feature on your Trainerize account. For more information on the Trainerize API service, you can contact API@trainerize.com, help@trainerize.com, or your account representative. 

Setting Up Your LookinBody Web Account

1. If you have completed your account registration, device connection, and subscription update from your LookinBody Web account, head to the Setup Menu, scroll to the bottom, and select 01. Connected Apps (under Integration settings).

2. Please agree to the InBody's terms and conditions related to the use of the LookinBody Web API feature 

3. After agreeing to these terms, your account will need to undergo a review by our team. Please allow up to 24-48 hours for our team to complete the review. Whenever possible, our team will always try to reach out to you sooner. During the review, our team will let you know if any further updates and/or changes are needed to your account and assist you with them as needed. 

4. Once your account is approved, you can revisit the Integrated Apps Setup Menu. You will be prompted to enter in your Trainerize Group ID and API Key, which will be provided to you by your Trainerize representative. 

5. Once this step is complete, you will be able to access the Trainerize Integration Setup Page

Trainerize Integration Menu Overview & Navigation

Here are some helpful tips to help get you set up: 

  • When utilizing the Account Sync or Individual Sync features, our system will automatically create member profiles in your LookinBody Web account if a member's profile exists in Trainerize but not in LookinBody Web.
  • Syncing past results to a client's Trainerize account is not possible at this time, as enabling this option may overwrite a customer's existing record. 
  • Sending results will only be possible after a member's profile has been synced.
  • The Missing Result feature will not resend a result if the member used the wrong profile information or made a user error. This feature is intended for use when there is a system issue, such as an internet outage.