If your facility is migrating from the LookinBody 120 software over to the LookinBody Web services, you will want to upload all your existing data into the Web Portal.

To complete this step the following items will need to be available: 

  1. Access to computer with LookinBody120 software installed
  2. Access to the LookinBody Web Admin Account

1. On the computer, log into the LookinBody Web Portal

2. Click on Setup 


3. Select the option for 07. Import Data from Previous LookinBody under LookinBody Data Management

4. Click on the button for Select File

5. Locate your LookinBody 120 Database file in: C -> LookinBody120 -> Database

6. Select the LookinBody.mdb file

7. Click on the Import Data button

The process should take less than 15 minutes to complete. If 15 minutes have passed please exit out of this screen and head to the Member List page to confirm that the upload has been completed.