When logging your InBody unit in into your account, you will need to use the provided Device ID and Device Password which was provided to you in the welcome email when you first registered your account. Make sure to check your junk/spam folder.

The password used during account registration is NOT to be used during this step. Attempting to login using your Website Password will prompt an error message and after failing 3 times your account will be locked due as a security measure. 

How to Clear A Blocked Account

If your account is locked please follow the steps below: 

1. Head over to your computer and visit: https://usa.lookinbody.com/

2. Login using your Administrator account, if you are already logged in, please log out and log back in again

By logging into the web portal successfully, this will clear out any lock status applied to the account

3. Head over to the unit and login using the Device ID and Device Password

If you continue to run into any issues or cannot locate your Device Password please contact us at LBSupport@InBody.com