The InBody devices must meet a set of requirements to successfully connect to the LookinBody Web Service. If you are experiencing any issues with Wi-Fi connections we recommend consulting with your IT team with the recommendations below:

Recommended Wi-Fi Setup:


  • Frequency: Single Band 2.4 GHz
  • Wi-Fi Standard: B/G/N
  • Security: WPA or WPA2 Personal
  • Ideal Wi-Fi Signal Strength: -30 to -40 dBm


Frequency: If your Wi-Fi access point offers a dual band feature (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz) and the InBody device is unable to find your wireless network, create a dedicated 2.4GHz with a unique SSID. If possible creating a dedicated Guest Wi-Fi using the 2.4GHz should also work as well.


Security: WPA/WPA2 is compatible however, security protocols where your network requires login, redirects, or security prompt confirmation cannot be used by the InBody device.


Port Filtering: The following ports are used by InBody devices: 80, 443, and 2004.

TLS 1.0: Please make sure your network is setup to be compatible with TLS 1.0.


Advanced Wi-Fi Features: If your facility’s Wi-Fi network has features such as Wi-Fi Roaming or Smart Steering, we recommend disabling these features as they may cause connectivity issues.


Please note that independently setup Wi-Fi access points will all need to be compatible otherwise the InBody device may be kicked off if it switches based on signal strength.

When the unit is successfully connected, you will no longer receive a check internet message when heading into the 04. Cloud Service menu.