The LookinBody Web service provides a built-in check system to help ensure that a test was taken using the correct profile information. This helps to prevent issues where the incorrect ID is used or where the client tests using the wrong profile information causing issues with their test accuracy. 

When taking a test on the InBody, will take the profile information provided by the customer

 And run a check with the profile information saved in the Member List

Our service will check for the following: 

  • Age differences of more than 1 year
  • Height differences more than 1 inch
  • Mismatched ID and/or Mobile Number

In the event that a client has provided the incorrect profile information, the result(s) will be saved to a temporary database under Unsaved Results. This will allow your team to review the results to either make any corrections or delete the result completely. 

When the result is marked as Unsaved Result, the result will not be available in the InBody App or in the Health Report until the result has been reviewed.

If you are already logged in into your account at the time of the test, you will have notification appear informing you that a test result needs your attention.

If the test was taken before you are logged in, you will find all of the Unsaved Results highlighted in red in the Member List Page

*In the option for Show Unsaved Results you will be able to select the number of members to display

To learn how to update any Unsaved Result(s) please follow the link provided here: Unsaved Result - How to Update Results