Depending on certain situations, there may be times where members at your facility may be unable to find or view their results in the InBody App. Typically this can occur for the following reasons:

1. Unit Connection Issues - If the unit is disconnected from the internet and/or logged out from your LookinBody Web account, this will prevent the unit from syncing results to the web service. 

Please try reconnecting the unit by following this guide.

InBody Re-Sync Feature: Once reconnected the unit will attempt to re-sync any unsent results, however, there may be times where you will need to perform a manual upload.

2. Missing Mobile Number - In order for the results to sync to the app, the client must provide both their ID and mobile number (please see the screenshot below). 

If the customer fails to provide a mobile number our system will be unable to sync the results. 

To correct the issue, please update the member's profile from the Member List page, or have the client come in for a re-test and provide their mobile number. 

3. Client Profile Information Does Not Match - If a client types in the wrong height, age, gender, ID, or mobile on the InBody the system will automatically flag these results for review. 

From the Member List page please review the Unsaved Results. 

Please visit our guide here on how to review and update flagged result(s). 

4. Incorrect InBody Setup - The InBody unit needs to be setup correctly to connect to the web service. 

Certain settings on the InBody device will cause test results to not be saved or saved properly to the LookinBody Web Portal. From the Administrator Menu please check that the following items have been setup correctly:

  1. 02. Self Mode/Professional Mode = Professional Mode
  2. 05. Bypass Age/Gender = Age/Gender Required

When using Guest Test mode on the InBody, the results will not be saved on the unit and on the LookinBody Web portal

If all of the steps do not resolve the Issue

In certain cases, an error may have occurred either on the unit or on the web service. If you are unable to resolve the issue using one of the options above please contact us at