InBody app is for syncing all InBody related testing information whether from a gym/testing facility, or own personal home  health device. Aggregate all data in one place. Monitor Body Composition Results, step/sleep/blood pressure data. Even compete with friends based on our ranking score system.

If syncing data from a testing facility, that testing facility must have their Cloud Services enabled

1. Download the Inbody app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

2. Input mobile number to start registration

3. Input email and verify it is not being used with another account

Once confirmed, proceed with registration

4. Create a password based on requirements below

Minimum 8 characters with 3 of the following: Uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and special character.

5. Select Date of Birth information

6. Select Gender used from InBody

7. Input Height information used from InBody

8. Please carefully read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and proceed to the next step

After completing the registration, add an InBody device. 

If there is no device to register, skip this by pressing "Save for Later".

You are all set! Enjoy!