Thank you for your interest in the LookinBody Web Service! We're very excited to have you on board with us!

Getting started with the LookinBody Web is easy, and with just a couple of clicks (8 Steps) you will be on your way to helping your clients achieve their Body Composition Goals!

     Step 0               



You can visit our login page ( and click on the Register link


     Step 1               

Please provide your serial number. 

To locate your serial number please click the ? provided on the registration page shown below:


On available InBody devices, you can also press the Administrator Menu button on your device and tap on the button for Forgot Password button to display your serial number on screen.

     Step 2               

Please provide your business information 

We recommend using a business name that your clients can easily identify

     Step 3               

Create your Administrator Account. 

Your administrator account will provide you full access to the LookinBody Web service, including the ability to create additional Staff Accounts, Payment Management, and Account/Device Setup. Please choose an ID to create your account

     Step 4                

Confirm your information. 

If you find any mistakes click on the Edit button to update.

     Step 5               

Agree to the Terms

You will need to scroll to the bottom of the Terms page to Agree. 

We recommend reviewing the terms as it contains important information relating to privacy and terms of use.

     Step 6               

Account Creation Confirmation

We're nearly there! 

After you have created your account, check your email as your confirmation email will contain your Device Login Credentials which will be needed to complete your device setup. 


     Step 7               

Connect Your Unit

Please visit our Device Setup Guide Here: