For issues with sending email from the LookinBody 120

InBody is committed to improving our services including updating security procedures. Various email services providers such as Microsoft Office 365 and GMail have been updating the TLS settings for their email services. To make our services more secure The LookinBody 120 has been updated to support TLS 1.2

When utilizing the InBody account or your own account, depending on the email service provider, TLS 1.2 will need to be selected before emails can be sent out from this application. If the LookinBody 120 is experiencing issues with sending out emails, please use the steps below to update the program settings. 

1. Open the LookinBody 120 application on your computer

2. Head to the Setup Menu

3. Select 05. Email Options

4. Select the option for TLS 1.2

5. Save the changes and exit

If issues persist after the update, please contact the LookinBody Support Team at